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About Us

Hi. I'm Heidi Johnson and I'm a dog person.  I've had many dogs throughout my life and discovered Cotons about 5 years ago.  After years spent loving my large dogs, retrievers and golden doodles (shown in the picture on this page) I wanted something smaller.  Many features of Cotons attracted me to the breed including size, temperament, low-low-shedding and (for Malagasy Cotons) low inbreeding.  I am a biology professor and I understand the genetics of breeding.  Maintaining diversity in the breed is healthy for the breed in the long run.  So Cotons satisfy the biologist in me.

But seriously, they are so cute, so fun, so playful, loyal, loving and just about perfect as a puppy can be!  Their little cute faces and loyal friendship are what make my life whole!

Kizzy is my first Malagasy Coton de Tulear.  That is her in the middle of the picture on this page.  She has passed her health and genetic tests with flying colors and is ready for her first litter this fall (if all goes well). 


Who am I?

Heidi Johnson shown with her husband Tracy Johnson hiking in Utah red rocks.

Heidi J
Who am I
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